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6 Tech Options for Seniors

As technology becomes more advanced, there’s a fix for everyone, including seniors. In response, many senior living communities have upped their tech game to offer a wide range of support and services that help seniors stay connected, live safely and enjoy their independence. Here’s a look at some of the technologies that can benefit Mom:

1. Medication Management

Instead of you or a caregiver having to call Mom multiple times a day to remind her to take her medicine or worrying about her taking the wrong dose, a medication management system may be a good tech tool for her. In general, these systems dispense medication at specified times throughout the day and remind Mom when it’s time for a dose. If she doesn’t take her medication on schedule, the system notifies the community to Using from new technology is easier and fastercheck in on her.

2. Apps

Seniors want to stay connected with their family, friends and the world—and are discovering how technology can help. Many senior living communities now offer Wi-Fi coverage so Mom can easily stay connected on her laptop, tablet or smartphone. Apps of interest? Think communications apps such as FaceTime or Skype; brain games, such as Luminosity; entertainment services such as Hulu or Netflix; and health apps such as the HeartWise blood pressure tracker. (Her friends at the community are sure to have more suggestions!)

3. Activity Devices

Mom will have the opportunity to participate in exercise and wellness programs at her senior living community—and she might enjoy monitoring her progress with a Fitbit or other activity tracking device. Like their younger counterparts, seniors can use the devices to track the number of steps they’ve taken, check their heart rate and more. 

4. Monitoring Systems

The staff at Mom’s senior living community will monitor her activity on a regular basis, but if you live far away, you may want the added comfort of communications technologies that help you keep track her daily activity. These systems incorporate sensors around her place that monitor movement so you can see if she’s up and around—or in bed because she’s not feeling well. Some systems allow you to check medical information, biometric readings and prescription usage.

5. Video and Computer Games

Computer games aren’t just for teens. Many seniors also like them and can gain special benefits from using them—such as cognitive stimulation, mental agility, dexterity and even physical exercise. Mom’s senior living community may have a Nintendo Wii system connected to a large screen monitor in the community room, allowing her to play games such bowling, golf or a Wii Fit program.

6. Emergency Devices

Mom can get a device to wear around her neck or on her wrist to be used in case of an emergency. If Mom falls, she can press the button on the pendant and it will alert the community and you. Some alert systems recognize when a fall has occurred without her need to press a button. Seniors’ residences also are equipped with emergency call buttons in the bathroom, which Mom can press if she needs help.

Technology can be even more beneficial when it’s paired with caring, personalized contact. That’s where we come in. If Mom would enjoy the socialization and attention that comes from living in a senior community, give Life Care Services a call and we can discuss which option is right for her.

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