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6 Ways a senior living community can help your grieving parent

Whether Dad lost his spouse, a friend or a relative, he may find the grief support he needs through his senior living community. Most communities have support systems in place to comfort him as he grieves. In addition to the help you and your family offer, his community can provide essential support at a time when he needs it most.

Look for Dad’s support to come through these and other sources:

1. Grief support

Senior living communities often deal with grief. Typically, they will have grief counseling services and support groups available to your dad. Support groups are for anyone who is grieving from the loss of a spouse, friend or another loved one. Grief counselors specialize in bereavement and can offer Dad essential coping skills.

2. Wellness

Exercise can help alleviate the grief and sadness Dad is feeling after his loss. Senior living communities may offer wellness classes such as Tai Chi, water aerobics or meditation to promote emotional recovery. In addition, the professional staff can create a wellness plan that’s tailored to Dad’s needs or monitor his diet to promote healthy eating.

3. Friends

The friends Dad makes in his senior living community may have experienced a similar feeling of loss when their loved ones passed on—and these peers can do a lot to help your dad cope with his loss. If the loved one was a spouse or a friend who was living in the community, Dad will be with people who he can reminisce with and share his grief.

4. Activities

Rather than Dad becoming isolated after a loss, his senior living community will offer a multitude of activities he can get involved with. Dad might distract himself from his sadness by taking part in volunteering, group outings, arts and crafts or other activities at the community.

5. Suicide prevention

As Dad grieves, he might develop feelings of hopelessness and depression. Health care providers and other staff members at senior living communities are trained to notice signs of lingering depression. These trained professionals have resources to identify and respond to residents who may be at risk for harming themselves.

6. End-of-life preparation

Your dad may have put off planning for life’s end, but this loss may prompt him to prepare his own plan. The health care providers at a senior living community have extensive knowledge about end-of-life preparations, and that can make the process easier for Dad. With their guidance, he won’t have to research endless options and make decisions on his own, which can eliminate a lot of his stress.

Learn about these and other ways a senior living community can support your parent during a difficult time by contacting Life Care Services.

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