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» Senior Residential Options

Resident-Centered Care Plans Explained

When the manager of a senior living community says it offers “resident-centered care plans” or “person-centered care plans,” do you know what that means? In its simplest form, resident-centered care is a care model that invites, accommodates, and respects residents’ wishes in health care and lifestyle decisions—within the care routine prescribed by the resident’s physician. … Continued

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» Caregiver Support

Beyond Chandeliers: What Senior Living Should Offer

The lobby is flooded with natural light, a sparkling chandelier hangs overhead, and the artwork adorning the walls is timeless. When you and your elderly parent are visiting senior living or assisted living communities, it’s easy to get swept up in the décor and amenities. The community will be putting its best foot forward, both … Continued

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» Wellness

5 Reasons Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities

When seniors move into a senior living community, it’s not unusual for family members to note positive changes in their parents’ physical and mental health. Senior living communities foster health benefits that your elderly parent may not be able to realize on her own. Among them: Nutritious meals: As she’s gotten older, Mom may have … Continued

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» Caregiver Support, Wellness

Why Low Staff Turnover Matters

As you tour senior living or assisted living communities to find the best fit for your elderly parent, don’t overlook the importance of a stable, caring staff. Low staff turnover is an important characteristic to identify when choosing the right senior living community. After all, these are the people who will be interacting with your … Continued

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» Senior Residential Options

4 Ways Assisted Living Communities Monitor Elderly Parents

Your dad has recently moved into an assisted living community that provides the support he needs. He’s says he’s doing fine there, but you have concerns. How can you keep tabs on his health and happiness—especially if you live some distance away? Call on the team at the assisted living community for the support and … Continued

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» News

Craftsman creates replicas of historical treasures

Enter the world of Ed Dougherty, and you’ll find yourself lost in history. Dougherty has created replicas of historical treasures, including the derringer used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. The models may not be originals, but Dougherty’s passion for his craft is the real thing. Near the entrance to Croasdaile Village, a display case houses six model … Continued

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» Financing Senior Living

3 Things Your Elderly Parents Don’t Want to Give Up

You and Mom both know it’s time for her to seriously consider a move to a senior living community, but she’s hesitating. Moving elderly parents to senior living is a big step for many people, and your mom is likely concerned about losing the independence she’s known for decades. By understanding some of the emotions … Continued

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» Senior Residential Options

How to Compare Senior Living Communities

As you compare independent living or assisted living communities for your mom, one of your most important considerations will be the management of the community. After all, this team will be responsible for providing the safe, well-managed, and pleasant environment you want for your parent. Quality management can be seen in the employees who greet … Continued

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