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6 Reasons to Hire a Senior Move Manager

Mom’s ready to relocate to a senior living community. She also has a lifetime of possessions in the family home. Deciding which things she’ll take with her and which she’ll part with can be difficult—but a senior move manager can make downsizing easier for both of you. Here’s why:

Why to Hire a Senior Move Manager

1. They’re Third-party ObserversOlder woman surrounded by packing boxes for her move to a senior living community

If you’re anxious about Mom’s move, she might pick up on it—and talk you into keeping more things than she has room for. If your relationship is already strained, going through her things can add to the stress, especially if she feels that you’re bossing her around. A dispassionate senior move manager can often find a happy medium.

2. They’re Experienced

Move managers know which are the reliable moving companies, how to put together a successful moving sale and where to find great cleaning services. Not only that, but they’ve done this many times before and know how to solve problems you may not have anticipated.

3. They Can Help You Save Money

Although senior move managers’ services can be expensive (a move may cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the project) they are usually a good investment. Consider the time you’d have to take off work, the plane ticket you’d have to buy to get to Mom’s—costs like these add up quickly. Senior move managers also know what items are valuable and what aren’t. That necklace Mom has in storage could be worth a lot more than you think!

4. They’ll Save You Time

You and your mom might spend hours deciding whether or not to keep certain possessions because of an emotional attachment to them. Since senior move managers have gone through this countless times, they know how to efficiently move a household.

5. They Offer Mom More Control

A senior move manager recognizes that since this is Mom’s move, she is the one to talk to. They also know that it’s hard for her to part with possessions she may have had for 30 to 50 years. As professionals, they’ll help your Mom through the emotional and physical aspects of relocation while keeping the process moving. And they’re more likely to find the best solution for every piece Mom wants to keep.

6. They Help After the Move

It may be hard for you to get Mom situated if you have to fly home or go back to work right away after the move. A senior move manager can make sure Mom is set up in her new residence, setting up the rooms and arranging her possessions so she’s comfortable.

If you’re interested in hiring a senior move manager, find the resources you need through National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). And talk with Life Care Services about making the move to senior living. Some communities can even recommend senior move managers that have helped other residents in the community.

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