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Life Care Services Communities Provide Unique Support to Navigate Health Care Needs

The Health Care Navigator is a compassionate member of many Life Care Services communities that provides residents with assistance concerning the full scope of health care services. From developing unique meal and exercise plans to scheduling appointments and transportation, the Health Care Navigator handles health care logistics and planning so that each resident can focus on his or her health. Please see the guest blog below written by Tony Galvan, Director of Health & Wellness regarding the LCS Health and Wellness Navigation Program for more information on this unique offering for residents of Life Care Services communities.

The Health Care Navigator

The Health and Wellness Navigator is highly unique among senior living communities supporting residents as they encounter changes in their health care needs and seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age.

Through this program, the Navigator makes certain residents are made aware of all of the services and support available to them, including who they need to go to in their community to be connected to programs, services and resources that would positively impact their health and wellbeing. As a liaison for many health care services, the Health and Wellness Navigator may schedule health and medical related appointments and services for residents, including transportation to and from the community. He or she coordinates transfers and paperwork for residents going to the hospital or another off-site health care provider.

Additionally, the Navigator is responsible for preventative components of wellbeing. While communities might be connecting residents to resources when a setback takes place, the Navigator also has a heightened sense of approachability.  Residents that are independent and are successfully aging in place should also be able to reap the benefits of a community’s Navigation program.  In these instances, a Navigator can connect residents to fitness programs, proactive wellness screenings and other lifestyle-based resources that can positively impact the life of that senior.

Family members experience peace of mind knowing that there’s a person and approach to making sure their loved one is connected to all of the right services; healthcare partners feel assured their patients will receive the care and support they need after a hospital stay or medical appointment; and we assist those searching for senior living options by providing education on what to look for as they evaluate a variety of senior living options.


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