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Rediscover the joy of dancing

Regular physical activity is important to your health, but that doesn’t mean your days need to be spent in a gym. Dancing is a great way for seniors to exercise, stimulate their minds, and boost their heart health. Many senior living communities offer ways to get your body moving through classes, informal groups, and social events.

The good news? To experience the physical benefits—and joys—of this activity, you don’t need to be a skilled dancer. The keys are simply to get moving, connect emotionally to the music, and have a good time.

How Dancing Benefits Seniors

Learn how getting out on the dance floor can help you feel better physically and emotionally. Dancing…

1. Boosts Your Mood

In addition to dancing’s physical benefits for older adults, it’s good for your mental health. It aids relaxation, encourages social interaction, and can ward off stress and tension. Be ready to feel a positive boost following your dance session.

2. Makes Exercise Fun

There are many ways to stay active, but the physical benefits of dancing are almost limitless. Just by dancing, you can increase your range of movement and flexibility, engage your muscles, gain better body awareness, and become more alert—without having to use any equipment.

3. Enhances the Function of Your Memory

When you dance, your brain and body have to work together. Studies have shown there is a link between exercise and memory-based brain activities, such as dance, that may help prevent dementia. One study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that by participating regularly in ballroom dancing, older adults are 75 percent less likely to develop dementia.

4. Improves Your Balance

Dancing also helps to improve your balance and balance confidence as it helps you focus on your body and space around you. Through dancing, you will find that you are maintaining your muscles, which in turn will improve your overall balance and posture.

5. Contributes to Overall Wellness

Not only will dancing help you look good and stay strong, it will help you to feel good as well. Dancing creates a connection with others, which lifts your spirits and contributes to the quality of your life. Moving to a beat or tapping along to your favorite song can help you beat the blues.

6. Provides Social Opportunities

If you’re interested in continuing—or beginning—to dance, a senior living community can provide opportunities to make it happen. Through the various activities and classes hosted by the community, you’ll find dance a great way to meet other residents.

Are you ready to dance your way to improved health?

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