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What to Do if Your Siblings Can’t Share Caregiving Duties

Caregiving is an important role when it comes to your parent’s emotional or physical needs, which is why it’s important to recognize the roles each sibling and other family members will take on.

While it would be ideal for everyone to take part in caregiving for Mom, that’s not always possible. Maybe you’ve asked your siblings for help and support, but they may be unable to help. If you’re going at it alone, your stress may be building, and the responsibility may be beginning to wear on you.


What To Do When Siblings Can’t Help With Caregiving


If you find that your siblings can’t take on their share of responsibilities, turn to these 4 options:

1. Talk to Other Family Members

While your siblings might not be able to step in and help when and where you need them, turn to other family members. Hold a family meeting to discuss your mom’s care needs. From there, find out who is willing to help and what they can contribute.

2. Create a List

Meet with your siblings and create a list of realistic tasks that they could help with. Helping Mom full-time can seem overwhelming, so break the list down into manageable tasks. Maybe your brother can care for your mother every other weekend so you can take a break, or a sister who lives across the country can plan to call Mom a couple times a week. When you have this meeting, come prepared with plenty of ideas and be specific about what each task may entail.

3. Suggest Alternatives

When talking to your siblings, listen to why they believe they can’t share responsibilities with you. From there, try to suggest alternatives that will work with their schedule and budget. These alternatives don’t need to be drastic, either. Suggest something small to get their initial help. Doing small tasks may show them that it’s easier to contribute to Mom’s care than they originally thought.

4. Keep Your Siblings Updated

Even if your siblings can’t provide time or money to augment Mom’s care, keep them updated on her health and well-being. While they may not be able to provide care, they will find comfort knowing how your parent is doing and what you are doing as her caregiver.

Finding a balance between your Mom’s well-being and your own is critical in the caregiving journey. If providing Mom’s care has become too much for you and your family, there are other options to consider, such as the professional care available in a senior living community.

Life Care Services communities can support both you and your parent as Mom’s caregiving needs increase. Learn more about the options you have by contacting Life Care Services.

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