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What Can You Expect From a Senior Fitness Program?

Physical wellness can improve your energy, balance and joint health. In the senior living communities that Life Care Services manages, our Lifestyle and Health Services programs encourage a wide range of activities and support. We specialize in adapting exercise programs to seniors’ needs. Here’s what you can expect when you get active at one of our communities:

1. Exercise Classes

Exercise programs not only target your physical wellness but provide social wellness, as they’re a great place to meet new friends and visit with old friends. Fitness experts teach classes that promote posture, core and balance. Communities use residents’ wellness screenings to track fitness trends and decide which classes to offer.

2. Fitness Center

Most of the communities we manage have fitness centers with up-to-date equipment. Whether you feel like walking on the treadmill or lifting free weights in your spare time, the equipment is right there for you in our fitness center.

3. Chair Exercises

A number of traditional exercises can be done from a chair. Group classes offer aerobics, volleyball and other heart-pumping exercises—adapted as chair workouts. You won’t need to strain yourself to get a good workout. Better still, you’ll be doing the exercises with your friends!

4. Aquatic Exercise

Many of the communities we manage have heated swimming pools, allowing us to offer aquatic exercise programs such as walking, volleyball and aqua fit. Exercising in the water is beneficial for seniors because the buoyancy protects joints and reduces the risk for falls.

5. Wellness Experts

Wellness experts are at your service! These pros teach classes, do wellness screenings and direct your personal training. They’re available whenever the fitness center is open, so they’ll be there to guide you through your workout.

6. Wellness Screenings

Our wellness programs are based on wellness screenings that evaluate your balance, cardiovascular health, strength and more. Using this information, we can offer you suggestions for the best classes and exercises to do. The wellness expert at your community will then update your regimen based on your progress.

7. Physical Therapy

Partnerships with physical therapists allow you to have access to physical therapy should you ever have a fall or injury and need assistance to recover. Typically, your final physical therapy session will take place in the community fitness center so that you can get acclimated to the equipment and continue your progress.

8. Levels of Care

For each level of resident care, from independent living to memory to skilled nursing, our fitness programs are created to suit the abilities of the residents. And, our wellness experts are trained to develop the right program for you.

9. Outdoor Activities

Along with classes and our fitness centers, many of the communities we manage offer walking, hiking and biking paths. On nice days, you’ll have the pleasure of exploring the paths while you enjoy the fresh air and outdoors.

At Life Care Services, we prioritize your health and wellness so you can achieve the highest quality of life possible. Contact us today for more information on everything our Lifestyle and Health Services program can do for you!

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