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What Life Care Services Does in Case of a Hurricane

As Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas, and as Hurricane Irma heads toward Florida, Life Care Services wanted to share some of the measures we take to protect seniors as part of our comprehensive hurricane response programs.

Prior to hurricane season, each community reviews its staff training and all hurricane-related emergency preparedness planning.

hurricaneBefore a hurricane strikes, each community determines its potential to flood and prepares a hurricane response and evacuation plan based on these predictions.

These plans typically include:

  • Working with communities or hotels in the area in case an evacuation is necessary.
  • Giving residents emergency supply kits that contain clothing, toiletries, a flashlight, ID and other supplies.
  • Ordering two weeks’ worth of medication for each resident and updating medical information for staff use.
  • Ensuring a weeks’ worth of food and water is on hand for each resident.
  • Supplying enough generators in case of a power outage.
  • Making sure appropriate medical equipment is on-site, such as oxygen tanks, tubes and stretchers.
  • Preparing families by going over disaster planning and supplying them with emergency phone numbers. Families are able to pick up residents before an evacuation or, if they are unable to, the community will communicate the evacuation location to them.

The Village at The Woodlands Waterway saw great success with its evacuation plan recently in The Woodlands, Texas. In response to the weather conditions, the community evacuated the residents for their safety. The residents who chose to evacuate with the community sought shelter at either the Sheraton in Georgetown, Texas, or The Delaney at Georgetown Village.

The community welcomed back its residents by September 1 after contacting each family to update them and coordinate the returns of those who didn’t evacuate with the community.

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