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Pick the Senior Housing Amenities that Suit Your Parent

As you narrow down the options for Dad’s move to senior living, you might find yourself drawn to communities with the senior housing amenities that you like. But while you prefer the community with the swimming pool and spacious balconies, he might be drawn to the one with walking paths, a game room, and a more casual grab-and-go dining room. It’s natural that your tastes will differ, but it’s important to keep Dad’s must-haves in mind when visiting prospective communities.

Consider these things when looking at different senior living or assisted living communities together.

The Aesthetics

When it comes to the look and feel of Dad’s ideal community, take your cues from how his current home looks. You may prefer the modern, clean look of the lobby and common areas, but Dad’s more of a traditionalist and would feel more at home in a place that has a wood-paneled reading library. Talk to him about where he’ll pictures be spending most of his time (his own space, or socializing with other residents around the community) to get an idea of how important the look and feel of the common areas are as compared to his private apartment.

The Services

Before looking at different communities, ask your dad what services he feels are essential. You may be surprised: While wireless Internet access throughout the community would be a must for you, it might not even be on your dad’s radar. Perhaps he’s more interested in the transportation services and exercise programs that the community offers. Take his wishes into account, while prioritizing those that will make life easier or safer for your dad, such weekly housekeeping, periodic blood pressure readings, or round-the-clock emergency response services. 

The Facilities

Dad played golf every weekend for years, so you’re sure he’ll want a community with a well-kept course nearby—right? It may be time for a reality check. While you remember how much he loved to play golf, in actuality, his advancing arthritis has kept him from picking up his clubs in years. As you make your decision, take a step back and consider the senior living amenities that suit your dad where he is at this point in his life.

Coming to a Decision

Follow these tips for choosing a community that you both love:

  • Talk it out—and listen. Instead of assuming you know what your father prefers, continue to talk with him about his wants and needs. (After all, it’s going to be his home!)
  • Dad may like one community because of its social events calendar, but you’re not as thrilled with the dining options or limited staff presence during off-peak hours. As you visit each community, come up with a pros and cons list of the amenities offered to help make the decision easier.

If you’re trying to find a community that matches both Dad’s preferences and your must-haves, talk to one of the senior living experts at Life Care Services. They’ll talk you through your options to make sure that you find a community that makes life easier for both of you.

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